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Visual storytelling

Build-out graphic for LJSM Inc.

Birthday gift commission

Poster for United Health Care training program

80th birthday gift for my friend Marv

Beatles: Paul

Beatles: John

Beatles: George

Beatles: Ringo

Horse Therapy Explainer Graphic

Sunrise Punta Cana

ERA Education infographic

ERA Manufacturing infographic

ERA Healthcare infographic

LJSM LED lighting infographic

Django and Dock

Market Maker explainer

Biz 2.0 FBI Wiretap Carnivore explainer

Alliance Foods Services

Coolest Cardinals Names: An A to Z Guide

Alpha-bites Food section cover

B2B Works explainer

Attensity word search explainer

Accenture: Hardware store DIYer project assistant

Sensatex Smart Shirt technology explainer

How StatementOne Works

StatementOne Value Proposition explainer

Biz 2.0 Liquidnet stock trading explainer

Nunsense Entertainment Guide cover

Winfirst Video and Data Networks explainer

Biz 2.0 Streaming media explainer

Mardi Gras Quiz portal explainer

Center for Women in Transition logo

BrandMaverick explainer

Wireless App Service Providers explainer

A Very, Very, Very Brief History of Writing

Zion National Park

Jeanna 60th Birthday Cover – Decade 7

Jeanna 60th Birthday Cover – Decade 6

Jeanna 60th Birthday Cover – Decade 5

Jeanna 60th Birthday Cover – Decade 4

Jeanna 60th Birthday Cover – Decade 3

Jeanna 60th Birthday Cover – Decade 2

Jeanna 60th Birthday Cover – Decade 1

Dogs at the Pool Flyer

Smarty Gras II Flyer

Procurement Misconceptions

Path to Excellence

Cash leak

Smarty Gras Flyer

Jerry Garcia for Jason

Brother-In-Law Magazine spoof cover

Ethan Birthday Gift – Hunting Magazine

Birthday Gift for Golfer Friend

Smarty Gras III

Ethicon Medical Equipment journey

Grain Acres Food section cover

Thomas Eagleton Federal Courthouse

The future of lead production

Mike Shannon-isms Quiz

13 Naughty Missouri Town Names

Beer Labels Quiz

Twas the Night Before a Cardinals Christmas

MLB Team Logos Quiz

Super Bowl Commercials Quiz

Celebrity Halloween Costumes Quiz

How a Housing Crisis Becomes a Jobs Crisis

Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge

How ‘Healing the Children’ Charity Works

Aspirin: The Wonder Drug

People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive Quiz

10 Reasons It’s Better to Live in St. Louis Than L.A.

Fast Food Logo Quiz

Michael Brown Shooting Scene

Pulitzer Prize Photography Quiz

Coolest St. Louis Blues Names: An A to Z Guide

Grammys Trivia Quiz

National Landmarks Quiz

National Spelling Bee Quiz

How the Wrong Person Might Get Arrested

The Heybridge Process Explained

Remotely Controlling Your Home

Building the Olmsted Dam

Rock ‘n’ Roll Mothers Quiz

Our Own Oddities book cover

Pulitzer Prize Literature Quiz

An Idiot’s Guide to Hockey Slang

13 Missouri Towns That Could Be World Capitals

Special Requests Cookbook

Grain Acres

School planning software

Sense of smell


Halloween Trivia Quiz

100 Stars Who Played The Muny

The Wizard of Oz Quiz

Downtown St. Louis Housing Development

Super Bowl Halftime Show Quiz

Perils and Pleasures of a Neighborhood Pool

Oscar Acceptance Speech Quiz